Add-on [Paid-Work] Allow users to customise and style usernames

as the title says for a reasonable price i need someone to make a reliable add one that will allow users to customize there own usernames.
i need it to contain two panels such as a user friendly mode or advanced mode which the user can decide which version they want to use.

this basic mode would allow users to use radio buttons or anything similar to customize there username colors like red, blue, green, black etc.
maybe allow different shades of shadow colors as well like dark all the way to a light color but they can use basic color radio buttons for that.
and maybe change there font size, make names bold, italic ect all the cool font edits.

the advanced mode allows to use the color picker
and use raw html code to customize there name and give them a similar layout like in the admin panel
like this:

as you can see the Username CSS:
so a box something like this with a color picker next to it so they can choose colors and copy and paste in the code. and i want it to support color names say you say, color: red;

here are some example codes i am current using
color: #FF8C00;
font-size: 13px;
font-weight: bold;
text-shadow: 1px 1px 0 #000000, 1px 1px 8px #FFFF00, 1px 1px 6px #FFA500, 0 0 4px #000000;
background: url(""), url(""), url("");
i also want to give the option for both basic and advanced panels to save the style they made and give it a name like the one above i call it orange fireworks

so if they want to switch it out later on they can just select it by clicking the radio button/box next to the named style. and and edit button if they wish to edit the style in any way and edit the name
and a delete button if they want to delete it.

as for permissions just 1 simple permission will like allow to use the UserName Styling Feature or something like that.

i would also probably like to have this add one to have a 2nd mode where the admin can choose to either use it as it is as a separate add on or use it with
******* - Store Framework:*******-store-framework.2665/

i would also like future support for this add on to make it compatible with future version's of xenforo

and maybe compatible with any other known add ones that it could cause issues with.

i also allow the author to re-sell this add one to other members in the resource section
and if a free version is made with limited features i want branding with my site link and my XxUnkn0wnxX name like saying funded or supported by XxUn0wnxX -

i want this add one made perfectly not like put to gather in a few min/hours and most bugs all sorted out

as for re-selling this add on we can work out a deal on that via private conversation...

you may contact me via this thread and from there i will PM you my skype/email

known Developer list i believe would do a good job at this:
I hope it's alright that I bump this, but just wondering if this was ever made? I would like something like this to be made and willing to fund it as well.