Forum Permissions - Help Needed

Ned Dawson

Morning All,

I am the proud user of two of my forums with Xenforo software :) :)

Now here is my question. I have various forums on my HeliOps forum. All of them are available for all members and guests to enter and see all the posts in there.

What I want to do is restrict it so that when a guest visits the main board, xyz forum is visible to them BUT they cannot access it and see the posts in it without first becoming a member.

The reason for this is I am going to have a link in that specific forum which gives members a free download of my magazine, BUT I dont want general joe public to be able to see it and follow the link.

Any and all help much appreciated.

Love the forum software - keep up the great work.


Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
That is not possible in the current version. This feature has already been requested. It will probably be implemented in a future version.