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Currently i have a forum section called Miles Kane - My Fantasy - which is rumoured to be the album title for his forthcoming album however this might be changing due to different rumours and nothing being confirmed yet

Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 09.04.48.png

However in the ACP i notice when i look at the node tree that it says URL's will be broken if this changes - whats the best way to move this - create a new forum and import all of the topics leaving redirects or?


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It causes URLs to break, because there's no ID to go by. The ID is the string you enter, so changing that means that any existing links to the forum won't exist. Ideally, I'd recommend not moving it. (Thread links will still work BTW.)

But yeah, you could leave the forum and move all the topics with redirects, though obviously you won't see any new topics. Alternatively you could just change the URL portion and create a new forum with the old URL portion that has a thread that says "moved, see here" until all the relevant links are updated.