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Simple and clean, so works well for that niche. I would look at changing the now dated default node icons (the speech bubbles) to something specific to your niche, maybe that city skyline from your logo or a greyed out Canary Wharf (or some other financial symbol).

There also doesn't seem to be a new or recent posts option easily to hand in the forum, this is critical.

I know this sounds trivial, but first impressions and all that: Your username is too long for the restricted space you have next to posts (above the avatar) and as you'll see this a lot in posts, I would change your username and remove the so it fits, or add a space somewhere so it splits nicely, or change the font or space there:

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 08.55.28.png
Other than minor stuff like this, it's a good job and you've done well.
So much agree on first impressions, changed it to CWian. Also agree on the other stuff, thanks (however our current dev budget is very tight).

I'd very much welcome any further reviews.