Travel Forum for India



I would like some stone thrown at me please.

I launched this forum about 6 months ago but it has still not taken of so wondering if someone can point out things that I may have missed.

I spent a bit of money on Facebook and adwords but people do not register. It is not like tourism is dead in India, there are plenty of other forums that are flourishing in the same niche so there must be something that I am not doing right.

Forum is at

I also have a facebook page at

I am hoping for some good pointers and also your opinion on the logo if I should have one or not.

Hi. It looks good for me, the design is sober, but does not look appealing to a forum about tourism.

You could make the forum design more thematic (logo, background, etc), show more images from India too, for example you could move gallery above and show more images, something like this:

It is only an idea, good luck with your proyect bro(y)


Thanks for the pointers. Much appreciated.

I have moved the media box to the top now and it does look a lot more appealing. I am working on the logo now so that should be up in a day or two and hopefully would create a better impression.