XF 2.2 Forum down with this error

Dixie McCall

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My forum all of the sudden went down with this error message. "An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later."
Cannot access acp either getting same error message. First check of Db looks okay.
This happened after I disabled and uninstalled badge add-on if that matters.
Running PHP 7.2 and XF 2.2 and had no prior problems with DB,

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This is the same if you go to a garage and tell them my car doesn't drive.

You should look into your log files to find the specific error what caused the forum to went down.


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cmtv badge addon is no longer supported. There is a new supported version as spinoff from that

Try to install that addon again.

Dixie McCall

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Hi Andy!

Yes I just disabled and uninstalled CMTV badges to install Versobit when this happened-like literally a second after uninstall. . I just got access to my ACP via a very helpful member suggestion and still trying to find what happened. I'm not installing any more "badge" add-ons until I find the error or incapability. :)