Forum Devs

Howdy folks,

I just purchased a XF license tonight :) and wanted to give it a shot...

So I made:

Its a forum for discussing the development of forum software, any and all forum software development discussion is welcome. No activity is present as I just made it tonight.

I am a photoshop newbie :p but I still think I did an okay job on the logo...

Anyways, there you have it :) looking forward to using XF and seeing what it can do :)
Hey Shawn, not a bad idea for a site. It may be a bit of a while before you get a lot of members, as usually the people who create forum software, already have a site and discuss it on there, but it's definitely not a bad idea. The logo does need some changing, for instance your slogan, 'a forum for forum developers', you may want to be a different font / color, and make it a bit smaller maybe to fit in width with your Site Name.
Example= <?>
a forum for forum developers

I'd be glad to help you out if you want me to, I'm not to bad with PS (just send me a PM). Also, I'm not sure about the space between the 2nd "?" in the site name. But that's however you feel, those were just my thoughts :p.

Theme's not to bad. I like the forum node icons. You should think about installing some add-ons as well, like XenPortal for news announcements and stuff. But that's up to you as well :).

And since it's new just keep posting new threads, and people will start coming. More content = better indexed on search engines = more back-links = more traffic :).