forum and thread types desiderata


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Now that we meet thread/forum types as 2.2 xenforo new feature:

What kind of "types" you would like to have in your forum (other than the core's one)? Have you already any idea about what?
Maybe it will be possible to get rid of some addons (maybe some old and no more updated)?


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Mt next add-on was going to introduce a new node type: Reviews. But that is now out the window thanks to Forum types, :) So I'll look at creating a Reviews forum type. First post will be what is to be reviewed (a poem, video, game, picture, member, etc), and the "replies" will be comments that require a star rating. Replies will also be limited in length and may be indented as well to show they are a comment.

I also have another forum type that I'm mulling over, which at this time I want to keep to myself, :)