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Fortree Forums is a fair new Pokemon community focused on Gen1-3. We've recently migrated from SMF to Xenforo so I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you all :D

We want to have an emphasis on user customization, so right now you can change your postbit backgrounds, frames for your avatar, sparkle/glow/colored username, and I hope to get an add-on made soon that will let users customize their profile with CSS.

Posts: 3,158
Threads: 516
Members: 47
Mods used: Breadcrumb Essentials, Most Ever Online, Improved Member Stats Widget, User Criteria Extended, Time Spent Online, Profile Views, Reputation System, Badges, Custom User Title color, Dragonbyte Shop, Siropu Shoutbox, AMS

Light Theme:

Dark Theme:

Please let me know your thoughts!


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I'd love to get some feedback on a new theme we're working on:


You can't see the animated layer of fog moving over the header in this pic, but you can see the seam of where the fog image cuts off, so that needs to be touched up.

I'd also like to redesign some elements like member pages, and even widgets if I could do something to make them look less stock... but for now I've no ideas in those departments.