XF 1.5 formatting not correct/ URL not visible

hi all, i am sure i have a mistake/ color problem somewhere, but i have no idea where to look.
1) i can't see URL's in posts...doesn't show as a URL, meaning highlighting/ marking does not happen (see URL_not_visible.jpg)
2) formatting buttons black out, when editing/ creating posts/ threads. (see formatting_blacked_out.jpg)

would you be able to point me to the right place to make correct changes to correct these slight problems.
thank you all for your help.


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That looks like a 3rd party style. You'd be better posting in the discussion thread for that style for support on this. Also you'll likely need to post your URL so that others can take a look at the issues.


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Using the browser inspector on your site, the style mentions Xenbase so it's one of the ones from PixelExit, @Russ will know which one (and it should say in the ACP under Styles). You should seek support from him on this.
to (2) formatting: found the background problem -> Style Properties: Rich Text Editor -> Editor Toolbar Button (Active) = fixed it!
to (1) URL formatting: found the URL problem -> Style Properties: Message Elements -> User-Generated Link = fixed it!
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hello, i have a problem of the DROPDOWN MENU hover/ highlight is black on black text, and could not figure out with inspector what and where to change in style properties, can anyone point me in the right direction or know where to change highlight color? thank you.