XF 2.2 Sub-forums title not visible


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I have some sub-forums but the overall sub-forum title is not appearing for one usergroup and I can't figure out why.

They are able to see the list of sub-forums fine and the thread titles within, but the usergroup in question intentionally does not have permission to view the actual thread contents.

Can anyone please suggest what permission(s) or option(s) may be causing the overall sub-forum title to not appear?
It's related to $xf.visitor.canCreateThread() in PAGE_CONTAINER stopping the div p-body-header being shown.

The usergroup in question has the permission Post new thread: No and I explicity allow them to post in only a few forums using node permissions.

So it seems unusual that just because they can't post a thread that the subforum title would be hidden, is this as intended? :unsure:
That must be from an add-on or customisation.
It's not standard code.

Can you paste the relevant lines?
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