XF 1.4 Form Overlay Container


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This is how we had that overlay originally:

XenForo Overlay 1.PNG

Then I decided I liked the red better as transparent, so I made the necessary changes to the overlays:

XenForo Overlay 2.PNG

However, when I re-added the 0.25 transparency to the Container style property, it only lightened the red, like so:

XenForo Overlay 3.PNG

As such, I reverted overlays that use the @formOverlay styling to the default styling, except for the text color:

XenForo Overlay 4.PNG

However, as you can see, the password link is hard to see now, so I may revert to the third screenshot, but I have two questions:
  • How can I change the link color of only the password link?
  • How can I make the border for @formOverlay partially transparent?