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Lack of interest Forced Tags

The Dark Wizard

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I would like to suggest the idea of forcing certain tags on a node type basis. This would be excellent for discussion forums to have a better control of tags/filtering, particularly those around a product or in my case, a large writing site.

Quietly dreams about making the only tags usable, the different types of writing genres.

The Dark Wizard

Well-known member
I'm not sure what you mean by "forcing certain tags". I did manage to neglect to mention that you can require a minimum number of tags on threads per node.
Oh neat, thank you for that.

I also mean that only certain words could be used for tags in certain forums. So like a whitelisting feature.

So think the censor function but backwards.

So I could set it so that Node A could only use say pie, soda, fries, snacks, etc. This would go great with the fact that you mentioned that the amount of tags can be limited on a node basis.

Does it make sense this time around? Would you need another example or does it make sense this time?
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I used a MOD called Automatic Thread Tagger From Post Content and Title to attain a similar feature on vB, which was a lifesaver when it came to automatically populating TAGs for threads. One nice feature it had was that it allowed you to set default tags for a forum, so if you had forum discussing things in California the MOD could automatically TAG all threads created (just in that one forum) with the TAG California, etc.