Fixed Force privacy or terms and rules without checkbox selected

Affected version

Mr. Jinx

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Accepting the new privacy or terms and rules without selecting the checkbox continues to the sites.
Shouldn't the user get a warning or something?


After pressing "Save Changes" the user can continue using the site without accepting the policy?

Chris D

XenForo developer
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The download packages have been patched for this for both XF1 and XF2 so download 1.5.20b or 2.0.6b from your customer area.

You only need to upload the files; there's no need to run the upgrade.


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@Chris D, just a heads up, there's a in 1.5.20a but not 1.5.20b.

I've attached a patch file for the transition from 1.5.20a to 1.5.20b for convenience. Apply it with:
patch -p1 < a-to-b.diff
You should be in the public web root, one directory up from library.