XF 2.0 What is "Force terms and rules agreement route whitelist"


There is an explanation, but I don't understand it.

"Force terms and rules agreement route whitelist
If you decide to Force terms and rules agreement then the routes listed here will bypass being redirected to the force agreement page. The route path is the section of the URL to a page after your main forum directory URL, such as forums/ or pages/page-name/. Do not reference a route filter here."

What is force agreement page?
I want to display or at least have a link to the Terms ans Conditions and privacy policy during registration, in the registration form before hitting final confirmation. Does this whitelist do it?
Currently the registration form does not redirect to T&C, it only has a tick box for agreement, but no link to T&C and no displaying them, so I don't understand what redirect and force agreement this explanation is talking about.

I certainly want to force ticking the agreement box in registration page, i.e, no registration without agreeing to T&&C and Privacy policy, but after a chance to see them.


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I was able to disable using the same instructions from that thread. Thank goodness that was available and easy to figure out. However, I still maintain that if there is good documentation on how to use the feature properly (forget about disabling for now) I would really like to read up on that. I want to use this feature, but it is essentially non functional and keeps my users in an endless loop of clicking the accept box with nothing to read!!