Add-on Footnotes/Citations for Images?


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I only saw one single reference to "footnotes" when searching the entire site, so I'm making this thread.

I'm writing some blog posts on my XF install, but for Wikimedia Commons images, they want credit to show with the image of course, I've tried this custom BBCode but it ends up looking like this for my post: 1652908365750.png

If I add the caption as an Alt text, it shows in the lightbox when clicked on, but not while reading. I'm not 100% sure if Wikimedia Commons allows that for crediting, since I can't seem to find anything on the site referring to if that's allowable so I'd rather be safe and have the captions look closer to this (from the bbcode thread):


For my blog posts that are educational in nature, I'd love to caption and credit the images properly. Could an addon be made for this?