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Footer Pro 2023-04-19

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Hello @Nicolas FR ,

An example of a div for the Social Media icons at the bottom of Footer Pro is as follows.
<div class="fp-Social">
<a href="" data-xf-init="tooltip" target="_blank" data-original-title="linkedin" id="js-XFUniqueId241"><i class="fab fa-linkedin fp-iconSocial"></i></a>
When I check with Google PageSpeed Tools, it gives an error "Links do not have distinguishable names".
"Distinctive, unique, and focusable anchor text (and alt text for images when used as a link) gives screen reader users a better navigation experience."

I think it is necessary to use only title instead of data-title. Can you fix this?

Hello @SelamT,
I'm not sure why social media icon codes are seen like that by Google: data-original-title.
This is how i wrote the code in the add-on:
<div class="fp-Social">
    <a href="{$xf.options.footerProSocial_link1}" data-xf-init="tooltip" title="{$xf.options.footerProSocial_icon1}" target="_blank"><i class="fab fa-{$xf.options.footerProSocial_icon1} fp-iconSocial"></i></a>
I will investigate...
Hello, i will do something for that in the next release.
Meanwhile you can set a custom logo by editing the footer_pro template:

In line 7 replace {{ base_url(property('publicLogoUrl')) }} by your own logo path.
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