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Footer Pro 2023-04-19

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Hello, it would be nice if you could add html to the text field. Large text without formatting is not very nice looking. Well, sometimes you need to insert a link in the text.
You're right it's not the well way to do this.
You can edit the footer_pro.less template :
.p-footer {
    background: linear-gradient(0deg, xf-intensify(@xf-chromeBg, 12%), @xf-chromeBg);
And change the background color like
.p-footer {
    background: #FF3300;


.p-footer {
    background: linear-gradient(0deg, xf-intensify(#FF3300, 12%), #FF3300);
This is not intended, knowing that the logo or slogan should then redirect to...themselves.
What do you have in mind about that?
If you look at the Xenforo footer the logo and slogan has links.

I was basically just going to do a home_top link so that at the bottom of every page you could click on the logo to return home to top.
I will add the possibility to link the logo and the slogan in the next version.
BTW I like what you did with the block text, very nice ! (y)
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