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Unmaintained Footer Pro 2023-04-19

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XenForo tooltips are back:
  • Added aria-label tag to prevent accessibility warnings
Thanks to @eL_ :)
HTML adjustement:
  • Removed XenForo tooltips in favor of browser tooltips.
Removed extra border when XF links are removed and Footer Pro is set to be placed above copyright.
CSS adjustment:
  • Prevent extra.less template modification to be perform while add-on is deactivated.
Using XenForo tooltips instead of browser tooltips.
Adds a bottom margin to the social block that prevents it from sticking to XenForo links if the columns have few links.
Better integration of XenForo links when Footer Pro is displayed above their block:
  • Added top padding
  • Adding a border
Capture web_19-12-2022_0644_localhost.webp
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Using a regex for template modification PAGE_CONTAINER: improves compatibility.
Thanks to @digitalpoint
When column 1 is used as a text block the column title font size changes from 13px to 16px.
  • Clicking on the slogan returns by default to the top of the current page
  • Possibility to link the slogan to any pages of the forum
  • Added a slight background to the slogan block (transparent black)
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