XF 2.1 Font Awesome 5, Editor button management, Markdown support and more!

We did say we'd see you again fairly soon and so here we are, hot on the heels of our push notifications announcement, to bring you an update on several more new features and improvements coming in XenForo 2.1.

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I can't use markdown in XenForo! how can I do it, for example, I have this Markdown code :

Markdown (GitHub flavored):
This text can be **embedded** into Markdown:

<i class="fa fa-refresh fa-spin fa-lg"></i> Refresh Page

how can I show it in XenForo?

Activate 1th the option to get it work.

Admin CP -> Setup -> Options -> Messages

Find: Convert Markdown-style content to BB code

Then: Put check mark next to it to activate the markdown option through you xenforo community.


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as mentioned above the Markdown code not work also here in XenForo, you can try it.


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