XF 2.1 Font Awesome 5, Editor button management, Markdown support and more!

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We're licensed to use Font Awesome 5 Pro, too, incidentally, so that is what is included, rather than the free version.

There's no way for us to provide their CDN functionality, unfortunately, but we are ok to provide it locally with the XenForo download under our license.


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There is often an assumption that when we use a rich text editor such as Froala that we can automatically support all of its features. That would certainly make life easier, but unfortunately rich text editors produce HTML and we therefore have to convert any HTML to BB code on save and back again for rendering.

Therefore there are significant barriers in introducing some features, but we feel that there's enough support for tables that we should bring them to you in XF 2.1 🙂

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You can of course write the BB code manually, which most likely uses a familiar syntax if you're familiar with HTML tables. Here's a snippet of the above:

[TH]Release date[/TH]
[TH]Last release[/TH]
[TD]March 8, 2011[/TD]
[TD]1.0.4 - July 12, 2011[/TD]
But, of course, it's probably easier just to use the newly built-in "Insert table" button!

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We also have to extend a huge thanks to @Steffen here who helped out with some of the code for the TABLE BB code.
Will table cells be able to span over multiple columns?

Chris D

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Froala does support that, but it's not something we have in place right now. We'll make a note for it. No promises (we're kind of up against the clock now ;))


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Yay, these are some great enhancements...

I can also finally change my editor icons like I used to have them a couple years ago, with a much easier method!


Chris D

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Actually we don’t really provide a way to do that.

I’m fairly sure it’s not impossible anyway as it is. It’d just need some clever CSS.

Chris D

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Could be, but media gallery seems be the 3rd icon starting right on the available buttons toolbar.
If you're right: Well spotted :)
Right about what?

The media gallery button is the 3rd icon on the right because that’s where buttons from the custom BB code system appear in the available buttons.

It’s in the middle on the actual toolbar (where it is now) just because that’s traditionally where we insert custom BB code buttons.

I suspect you’re reading too much into it, but if I can clarify something then happy to do so.