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Hi, I am trying to move one of my Flarum 1.2 forums to Xenforo. I am currently trying to import one column from the following tables in Flarum DB.

1. users - column: username
2. discussions - column: title, user_id, last_posted_user_id
3. posts - column: user_id, content

Not sure how exactly to do it. Are there any GUI tools that can help me easily import these columns? Currently, I am looking to simply import the content and associate it with the user name.

I will be using the latest version of Xenforo.

Do let me know if you need any extra information. Thanks
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Thanks @Brogan

I just need to import a few columns from one DB to another in this case. Wondering whether anyone can help with the right set of commands. Or a GUI tool that can export them to CSV or similar and import as well.
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