XF 1.5 Fine-tuned delete controls


I am trying to do either of the following two things:

1) Hard-delete all soft-deleted posts by a specific user, OR
2) Hard-delete all soft-deleted posts in a specific thread.

Is this currently possible via AdminCP?



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Neither of those options are exposed though the control panel. They'd have to be manually identified and removed.
Thanks @Mike. Is there another way to do this? I need to give one specific user (who is actually a bot) an ability to delete his own messages on a regular basis. Right now he is only able to soft-delete them, and the deleted posts are littering the forum and accumulating fast.

Is there perhaps a clever way to promote him to moderator so he can hard-delete his own posts but not have any other moderator privileges, like deleting other people's posts?


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Short of doing something custom to fit your specific needs, I think manual removal would really be the only way.
This bot posts 6 times a day (by design), so manually cleaning up after him is not an option. Can anyone help with the MySQL query to clean up what's already there and can be run once in a while? Something that would satisfy both option 1 and 2 above:

Hard-delete all soft-deleted posts by a specific user posted in a specific thread


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Threads/posts can't be deleted with a simple query - there is too much data to update.

You will have to have a custom add-on developed.