Automatically moderate, report or delete content rated with specific Reactions


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Now that Reactions are in XF2.1 it would be extremely useful to extent this functionality to automatically moderate content. This would allow communities to remove content even when there is no staff online.

Let's say that we add two Reactions: 'spam' and 'flaming'
Bad member 1 posts a spammy thread. A dozen ranking members use the 'spam' reaction on it.
Bad member 2 posts an abusive post. A dozen ranking members use the 'flaming' reaction on it.

Clearly the above posts need to be moderated. At least put in the moderation queue & reported.

I suggest the following functionality to make this happen:
  1. a setting to reactions: crowd moderation X points
  2. a usergroup permission: crowd moderation weight in points
  3. a admincp setting: report thread/post if crowd moderation points exceed X
  4. a admincp setting: moderate thread/post if crowd moderation points exceed X
  5. a admincp setting: soft delete thread/post if crowd moderation points exceed X
  6. a admincp setting: warn member if crowd moderation points exceed X
Let say we want a spammy post to be moderated and reported if 10 normal members or 5 ranking members rate a post as spam. We would use the following settings:
Spam Reaction crowd moderation points: 10
Registered members crowd moderation weight: 1
Ranking members crowd moderation weight: 2
Moderate thread/post at: 100
Report thread at: 100

Similarly we could opt to set points for automatic deletion or warning.
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Yep, as echoed above I think it would be better for any potential automatic moderation or soft deletion triggers to tie in with the existing report post function. E.g. 5 members report a single post, so it automatically changes to a pending moderation state awaiting manual review by a moderator. I feel having auto deletion/moderation based on negative reactions will complicate how someone would go about flagging a spammy post etc.

I don't disagree with the suggestion of automatic content moderation overall, just that hooking this into reactions doesn't seem like the right approach.
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