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Why did you add a duplicate enable/disable add-on function? I have never understood this.

There is already three (two) ways to disable add-ons. Why do we need a 4th toggle?

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The third option is to add
$config['enableListeners'] = false;
to the config file.

Matthew Hawley

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If some of you guys are wondering why I decided to make it only downloadable via my site, its too help stop people from releasing my addons at pirate sites. When you register and click the conformation link, I will manually approve/disaprove you, and then you will to validate your license.


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had to uninstall this - was causing problems with CSS loading... didn't keep a copy of the specific error, sorry


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Also are you on 1.1.5 (or lower) or 1.2?
1.1.4 at the moment.

i've got apache behind nginx, and when i directly accessed the site via the :8081 apache port the css loaded & rendered properly, so it might not be your code...
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I have problem with this addon..

Uploaded correctly.. everytime I enable it, it messes up my theme, to what looks like in a old school mobile view.. I disable it.. and then its fine again..

Any ideas ?