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Unmaintained Find Your Posts In a Thread 1.2.0

Quick and easy way to find all your posts in a thread.

  1. Matthew Hawley
    autoinstall.png [​IMG]

    What this addon does:
    It puts a link in the thread tools drop down menu, called "Your Posts", and when you click it shows all the posts you have in the thread your viewing, if you have posts in that thread.

    By popular demand the link does not show to users who have not posted in the thread.

    So to clarify: The link in the thread tools drop down does NOT show if the user had not posted in the thread.




    How to install:
    This addon can be installed using Chris Deeming's Addon Installer or Intall and Upgrade by Waindigo.


    Upload files to root folder
    Install the XML


    Thanks goes to Chris Deeming. Without his essential help, this addon would not have been made.

    Under no circumstance, may this addon/style be repackaged/redistributed in any way, shape, or form. If you are caught doing so, your details will be passed on to other addon developers.

    If you wish to support the developer of this addon please feel free to donate.
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Recent Reviews

  1. a.tushkanov
    Version: 1.2.0
    Why no reviews? Very useful addition! Keep it up =)