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I'm putting this up for voting again as I think this is an option which is much needed by moderators:
(adding I'd like to be able to filter by locked threads too!)

It would be helpful for moderators / administrators to be able to filter nodes for deleted threads to review them and or allow administrators to bulk permanently delete them.

Such as option is missing:

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As I think this is an option which is much needed by moderators
Sorry mate, but I think you might be wrong in that assumption.

I've been managing forums (as Moderator and Admin) for almost 20 years but I never missed an option to filter for deleted or locked threads.

Normally I'd say locked and deleted threads are "gone for good" and there is no need to take a look at them again.
In the odd case taht I'd need to look at a deleted or locked thread again it's usually a specific thread that can eaisly by found by searching for it.

In which situation do you think such a feature would be useful for you?


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I never missed an option to filter for deleted or locked threads.
Our moderators do find it essential :)

We have a very active board and sometimes threads get out of hand and users need to cool down, so locking the thread temporarily is a good thing.

Since it's a very active board, it's not always so easy to find the locked thread after it goes down...

So yeah, I do think it's a convenient filter to have.
And our moderator really do need it...


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Bingo! Create it as a sub-forum of your Mod forum. I don't think that's an alternative I think that is using a SF in a way that fits what it was designed for since it uses Batch Update Threads architecture.


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I'd like this too. But for the time being, a decent alternative could be to use the "Search Forum" node type to create a list of all deleted and/or locked threads.
This is a great solution!
I am not keen to do this for each forum, as we have many, many forums as it is (and I don't feel like adding another for each category...)

I've done it for one specific forum, but still think the option to filter by deleted/locked threads would be much simpler...
EDIT: Especially as I needed to create 2 "Search Forums": One for deleted threads, the other for locked. I couldn't get them both into one forum, without listing all the rest...
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@AndyB recently added the following add-on:
It does exactly what I needed.


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@AndyB always comes through.
I guess if you purchase some addons from his website. I have been trying to get a response from him in about a month now and nothing. I'm thinking maybe he's had a motorcycle accident and out of commission. Not like him to not respond.