RM 2.0 File Upload Issues


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Staff have been able to re-upload large files such as maps without issue, but when normal users attempt to do so the upload completes and they are informed that the file is not a supported type, even when it is.

Analysing the permissions of the user who is having difficulty uploading reveals no issues:

Indeed both file updates and new files have been successfully uploaded and entered the approval queue, although these were smaller files like repaints.

The maximum size is set at over 2 GB, which is large enough to permit the file that is being uploaded:

And the files that have been tried are zip and 7z, which are both on the list of allowed files (and we've had plenty of other successful zip uploads from other users):

I can only assume that something is causing large files to be rejected in the backend for some other reason, and it throws a generic "unsupported" error.


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Sorry, don't want to seem impatient, but any idea how we'd go about getting this sorted?


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Are you able to reproduce it?
Perhaps using a non-staff test account?

You say that staff can upload (large) files, so that should rule out any server related issues.

The only other variable would be permissions.

What is the exact error the members receive?
Can they screenshot it?


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Sorry to have to bump this, but this is quite a significant issue for our site and I don't want to have to create a ticket for the same issue we've opened a thread for.