XF 1.5 File permission problem after upgrading to 1.5B1 (possible bug)


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When I was running 1.4.8 all the files located at internal_data/templates were 0666. After upgrading to 1.5B1 all those files got changed to 0644. This caused (among others) the following problem when trying to save changes in outdated phrases:


Please note that before the upgrade I was able to edit and save phrases without issues.


Chris D

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We haven't and won't have changed the permissions for anything.

This would seem like something server side or your FTP client.


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Yup, I also was thinking about a server side problem.

I'm testing the upgrade in a test VM. The first time I upgraded from 1.4.8 to 1.5.0 Beta 1 I noticed the problem. I then cleaned my VM and retried the process, this time before running the upgrade I saw that every file located at internal_data/templates was 0666. I then ran the upgrade through the cli as suggested by your browser upgrader and then checked internal_data/templates and all files got changed to 0644.


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Actually, this is likely a problem with how you're running the CLI upgrade. You should be doing the upgrade as the user that PHP runs as if possible. (There are some detections if you run as root that should help prevent this, but if there's another situation, it's not really detectable.)