Few questions. Templates confusing me.


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I can't figure out certain things with the template system as I haven't used XenForo in a while now so having a bit of a dumb moment.

If anyone can tell me everything I need to edit for changing the following:

-backgrounds of side modules
-the entire forum list(changing shape of the top bar, adding border around everything, etc)
-header shape/size
-Shape of navigation tab

I just need to know the files to edit, not how to do it all.


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Sidebar Blocks:

.sidebar .section .secondaryContent

For the header and footnote, you can edit those in: Style Properties > Sidebar > Block Heading / Block Footnote

Forum Listing:

Need to know more of what you want to do...

If you want a border around the whole section, you can modify the .nodeList .category class in extra.css, otherwise you can play around with the Style Properties > Node List settings.


Style Properties > Header and Navigation


Style Properties > Header and Navigation > Navigation Tab

It would help if you could be more specific on what you want to do, that way if its not possible outside of the style properties I can help you with the actual CSS.


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Thanks, I'll see how far that gets me.

It doesn't matter if it's outside of the properties, I know how to style quite well, it was more where do I actually put it. I tried a few things earlier but no changes occurred. I will report back soon.