XF 1.3 Feeder, change timeout

I am trying to import a large feed but I keep getting the timeout which is set to 10 seconds. I want to increase to 60 seconds atleast. Any ideas if possible?


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There isn't a configuration option for this, so it would require code changes. The timeout is defined by the HTTP client used by the Zend Framework feed importer.
Happy to make the changes where necessary. If we can get the solution working it would also help others convert websites into XenForo based ones possibly.

Jake Bunce

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You can try it:


Rich (BB code):
    protected $config = array(
        'maxredirects'    => 5,
        'strictredirects' => false,
        'useragent'       => 'Zend_Http_Client',
        'timeout'         => 10,
        'adapter'         => 'Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Socket',
        'httpversion'     => self::HTTP_1,
        'keepalive'       => false,
        'storeresponse'   => true,
        'strict'          => true,
        'output_stream'   => false,
        'encodecookies'   => true,
        'rfc3986_strict'  => false