Features/Plugin list?


First of all, I am so glad the lawsuit issue is over. We have been very unhappy with vBulletin tech support. We are planning on using xenForo for all new sites, but we have one current site in our stable that we may want to move to xF. My partner has a list of current features we use, like Panjo marketplace for clothing sales. We need to know if there are xF features or plugins that can help us replicate these services. I realize the list is long, but some matrix or comments might help us see where we might run into problems or limitations with current sites.
  • Auto Youtube-Link Parser 1.4 Replaces youtube-links in post text with embedded version of the videolink
    Automatic Profile Commenter 1.1 This will add a new comment to every new registration
    Ban Spider by UserAgent 3.0.3 Allows you to ban spiders from your site by User Agent
    Chiplove.9xpro - Thread Thumbnails 2.2.11 2.2.11 Show first image/file attach or youtube thumbnail of thread in forumdisplay
    Digital Point Spy 1.1.1 System To Show What's Going On In The Forum
    DragonByte Tech: Advanced Post Thanks / Like (Lite 3.2.9 Advanced Post Thanks / Like lets members quickly voice their opinion on a post.
    DragonByte Tech: Advanced User Tagging (Pro) 3.1.3 Advanced User Tagging lets your members quickly alert eachother to threads they might be interested in.
    DragonByte Tech: Member Map 1.1.1 Geolocate your members and plot them on an interactive Google map!
    DragonByte Tech: Postbit Tabs (Pro) 1.1.2 Allows admins to easily create groups of postbit code in an organised tab format.
    DragonByte Tech: vBShout (Lite) 6.2.4 vBShout by DragonByte Technologies: Allow your forum members to chat with eachother in real-time with this AJAX-powered Shoutbox!
    DTO Core 2.0.1 DTO Core - used by other DTO packages
    DTO Garage Plus 2.2.0 Provides garage show-off functions for a group or groups of users
    DTO Vendor Tools 2.2.0 Vendor Directory and Management tools
    Extended Navigation Libraries 1.6 Useful navigation maniuplation classes and functions.
    Forum Category Icons (Advanced) 2.0.0 Allows you to set an icon image for each of your forum categories.
    Forum Runner 4.2.2 Adds push notification for your users using Forum Runner on the iPhone/iPod/iPad. Also takes care of notifying users that your forum supports Forum Runner if they are viewing from a supported device.
    GlowHost - Spam-O-Matic 2.1.2 Ultimate solution to defend against SPAM: Check new registrations from StopForumSpam database, auto moderate posts against custom word-list and Akismet service.
    Guest Warn 2.9.2 This product add an elegant warning for the guests of your forum
    Hide Version 1 Hide Version
    LAM - Paid Subscription Expiry Notice Shows when a users paid subscription is going to expire
    Last Poster Avatar 1.1.1 Dispaly Last Poster Avatars
    Local Date/Time in Postbit and Profile 1.0.0 This will show the user's local date and time in their posts and profile.
    Mutual Friends Block in Profile - by rellect 1.2 Adds a new block to the profile which shows the mutual friends of you and the user.
    Open Graph Description & Title Fix on Threads/Blog 1.2.0 Corrects open graph (og) meta tag description and adds the open graph title tag on forum pages and blog entries with Facebook enabled
    Panjo Classifieds integration that increases engagement, grows membership, and generates a new stream of revenue.
    PostRelease 4.2.2 Official PostRelease plugin for vBulletin
    Rotating Banner System 2.3.4 Unlimited advertising at any place in your forums
    Skimlinks Plugin 4.2.2 Official Skimlinks plugin for vBulletin
    Spam Hammer 1-Series 1.7.5 Uses the time elapsed between the registration page loading and submission to hammer bots.
    Spiders Display on Forumhome and Who's Online 1.1.3 This product will display the name and number of spiders on Forumhome, and number of spiders in the Who's Online.
    Staff Online Sideblock and Widget by BOP5 0.99 Displays current staff online in the Forum Sidebar and/or CMS Widget
    Tapatalk 5.1.0 Tapatalk mobile app plugin for vb4.
    Tapatalk - Who's Online 1.0.0 Shows the user as viewing the forum via Tapatalk rather than Unknown
    Tapatalk Sig Remover by BOP5 1.1 Removed the "Sent from my X using Tapatalk" message from posts.
    Updated products list in admincp home - by rellect 1.5 Shows a list of all products that updated in your admincp home - automatically!
    User CP Referral ID and Referrer in Profile 1.0.8 This product will add a content box at the top of the User CP displaying a customizable referral "Message" and the member's "Referral Link" along with their referral count. This will also show who referred a user in their profile in the About Me tab.
    Usergroup Color Bar 2.1.1
    vbresults.com - About Me 1.5 Show an "About Me" block on the forum sidebar.
    vbresults.com - Facebook Like Box 2.6.1 The Like Box is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website.
    vBulletin Blog 4.2.2 Personal web log, integrated with vBulletin.
    vBulletin CMS 4.2.2 Content Management System
    VSa - ChatBox 3.1.8 VSa - ChatBox
    VSa - Login To User Account 3.0.6 VSa - Login To User Account
    VSa - PM System Enhancements 1.8.1 VSa - PM System Enhancements
    VSa - Visitors in Last X Hours 3.0.5 VSa - Visitors in Last X Hours
    XenForo Style Avatars 1 XenForo Style User Avatars on Forum Display
    [OzzModz] Banned Member Avatar 1.0.1 A avatar to use for your banned members.
    [OzzModz] Social Media Icon Links In NavBar 1.1.0 Adds social media icon links in your navbar
    [Ozzy47] Stick / Unstick Threads From Quick Reply 1.0.0 Allows staff to stick or unstick threads from the quick reply