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Favorite Boards


Active member
Is this an option for 1.1, or is there a mod or am I missing something on the current 1.0.4?

I want to have the users be able to pick certain boards and add them to their favorites - this would display as a customized category at the top of the forums (I have over 100 boards) with each of their designated favorite boards displayed inside of it.

Digital Doctor

Well-known member
This is a good idea, especially for your situation.
Making the "What's New" for just the favorite forums might be a good idea for you.
I doubt this will be in 1.1.
This would make a good addon.
It should be relatively easy to do ?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Bumping a thread in the support forum won't achieve anything.

If you want functionality such as this then you need to post in the suggestions or add-on requests forums.