MG 1.1 Fatal Error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded


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We want to upload a 3.8 mb Gif in XFMG, but although it goes until 100% but then suddenly gives error.

We also change execution time from 30 to 3000. But still we have problem with it. Our server is dedicated and we can even upload a file of 1 GB.

Any opinion will be appreciated
I should add: we can upload that Gif any where else in our site. like in threads and resources or so. But we have problem with XFMG (and another add-on that is using the way XFMG works. AMS developed by Bob)
What is the error? You probably have the option enabled to thumbnail animated images. Turn this off and try again, do you still get the error?
The option may get removed in a future version, or changed so that a thumbnail can be generated "behind the scenes".

It's likely hitting a max execution timeout, though if you have adjusted that you either need to make it higher or that value is being overridden somewhere else.
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