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Hey everyone!

Check out our Fallout 4 forum. Please let me know what you think!

Thanks so much.
I voted I liked it, yes, that does not mean there isnt room for improvement tho:P http://i.imgur.com/tKc6plK.jpg you currently have 2 ways to login and fair enough, but that login button looks hmm out of place and missing styling / icon and what not:P also change the color of the red progression line on the feature to some greyish or smth:P Also http://i.imgur.com/rzNpK4s.png make the steam icon the last icon regarding logging in so the icons are sorted after size. Also an idea could be to have the shoutbox on front page aswell, I see you have made it availabe on the forum page but not front page? :P

Anyways over all nice page:))
It's a nice looking forum, no doubt. Personally, I would remove the Login/Sign up link at the very top and just use the one next to the home button, but it needs it's own graphic to fit with the other items. Because the text is a lot wider than the rest, I would move it to the right side of the help menu, giving a little more black space in that corner, making the login image stand out more :)
first love fallout 4 ! beat it every way it can be beaten

your site looks really nice you done a good job!

may want to consider a name change as once all 4 dlcs drop the topic will decline

nice job
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