XF 2.2 Facebook Login issue


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We recently got a notice from Facebook that on of our XenForo forums doesn't comply with Facebook rules as the login does not work.

The povided a video that shows the error message "There is no valid connected account request available. Please try again." when attempting to log in.

I was able to reproduce this issue on XenForo.com:

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Login to XenForo.com
  3. While on XenForo.com, associate the account with Facebook
  4. Logout from XenForo.com
  5. Logout from Facebook
  6. Click Login on XenForo.com
  7. Right-click on the Facebook login button and select Open in new tab
  8. Repeat step 7)
  9. Login to facebook on the first Facebook tab (created in step 7)

Now the second tab (created in step 8) shows the error:

How can we fix this so Facebook approves the App?


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I too found this. From the limited 5 mins of reading, Facebook now requires a valid user deletion link which XF doesn't have built-in. Also it asks for a test account but wasn't able to find the place where to put that.