Facebook Likes Question


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That really depends on FB's implementation, but it's likely URL related so it would go to 0.

David Thomas

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I'm 80% certain it's URL-related, so unless you replicate your URL structure from the IPB installation, it will reset to 0.


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for those of you not following the scene, Scott is a former vBulletin dev who now programs for facebook :)
Thanks for that, was wondering what that was about :D

Is it possible to replicate the url structure of IPB in xenForo admin? Or would that need custom coding?


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It's based on the href attribute passed in to the like button, if they were able to set that to match the old URL then it would work.


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I've talked to Scott about this, and the only way to preserve the Like count from the imported board would be to pass the original URL of the thread on the IPB / vBulletin installation into the Facebook iframe. Not sure how feasible that's going to be.