XF 1.5 Facebook like button missing?

Hi. I know the notice the "like" button is missing.

Why did it disappear? Do I need some addon for facebook integration? I wanna add my FB page to this.



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Do you mean the Recommend button? AFAIK, there's never been a Facebook like button.

In any case, it could be down to two things: Facebook sharing not being enabled or a style issue. Check on the default XenForo style and see if it shows up there.
Just an update, I was able to get google running. Facebook still isn't being shown even when being enabled. Tweet doesn't have the twitter logo either. I also did a file health check if that helps and all files are present and correct. Tried disabling adblocker too, nothing helps :/..
I'm also having this problem and have checked the site with both Firefox and Chrome.

Facebook functionality is enabled under Options
My account is linked to Facebook in External Accounts
Everything passes the Facebook test in Tools
No Facebook button though.

With this forum (Xenforo) I see a Twitter/Tweet button and a Google+ button just below where I'm typing but no Facebook button.


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If you're not seeing it here either, that would seem to imply some issue between your browser and Facebook itself.
what's interesting is that i didn't associate my twitter or google+ accounts with this Xenforo account yet I see those buttons.
I've just deleted my FB app and redid it to get it to the latest API version but now it won't accept my website URL

I also updated my three sites to the newest version of XF last night.


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what's interesting is that i didn't associate my twitter or google+ accounts with this Xenforo account yet I see those buttons.
You don't need to have your accounts associated for the buttons to show (or to click them).

You will be prompted to log in to the associated social network account if you click on them.
It's interesting that I associated my FB account to my account here and now the FB "Recommend" button is at the bottom of the page.

Does anyone know if there's a time lag between when you like something at your own XF forum site and when it appears on your FB timeline?

I'm slowly working through my issues and the FB "Like" button is now appearing on my site and I'm able to like a post but it still isn't appearing on my FB page.. Maybe these transactions are processed at some set interval and are not submitted instantaneously?
OK, everything seems to be working but while Firefox isn't working, Chrome is fine.

Posts are appearing instantaneously. :)

For what it's worth, for everyone else that might see this, when you click "Like" or "Recommend" (depending on how you have it set) a dialog window will open that lets you add a comment before the action is finalized and the post is submitted to your Facebook Page. To submit it the choices are "Close" or "Add a Comment"...."Close" appears to make the button in your Xenforo site show that you liked it but it doesn't appear to submit the post to Facebook while "Add a Comment" completes the process and sends the post to Facebook whether you added anything in the dialog box or not.

Thanks for the help!
Another interesting twist, I'm at my office now and the Facebook integration works on Firefox and Safari but not Chrome. Earlier, at home I was on my Windows 8.1 laptop but in the office i have an iMac.

I'd be hard pressed to believe that this is a browser issue and not something in Xenforo that is causing the instability and now that I'm about to present it to our membership I have to preface everything with "this may or may not work but when it does it's great!"

Something of a buzzkill, no?
For the heck of it I just tried my second desktop in my office, a late model HP with windows 8.1.......Firefox worked and MS Edge browser worked.

Now I'm really confused.