Facebook Integration Test


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I just setup facebook integration and made a test.

The result is my name, my mail and my picture in facebook telling me "Test Passed!"

I used my fan page for the setup and I want to get sure that everything will work with my fan page and not with my picture and name.

Can anyone explain me what that test did and how to be sure its working ok and using my fan page data ?


Chris D

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The Facebook Integration Test is nothing to do with testing your Fan Page.

The whole point of it is to test that if a user connects their Facebook account (Signing up or Signing in with Facebook) that it can grab their user account details.

So basically if the test returns your name and photo then your users will be able to login or register to your site using their Facebook account.


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Thanks Yorik.

I used an app for my domain that I already had created and the URL specified there is not the complete forum URL, just the main domain.

If the test is passed, that can't give any problems, right ?