XF 1.4 Facebook Integration Question


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So, being somewhat of a novice with Xenforo .. I've really made progress over the last 2 days with setting up my forum. I have managed to integrate the sign-in's for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Twitter and Google+ when you click on them to sign into the forum, login you in and take you to the homepage of the forum - just as they should. However, in the case of Facebook, it takes you to the login page on Facebook to sign in .. then when you click login There - it takes you to the homepage of the forum.

I think once you click the Facebook icon to sign into the forum, it should take you to the homepage of the forum - not to the sign in page for Facebook then to homepage of the forum.

Can I change something to make this happen and if so, could someone be so kind as to give me some guidance on how?

Thank you so much! :)


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If it's taking you to the FB sign in page, that would seem to imply that you aren't logged into Facebook, so that seems expected to me.


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I think part of the problem is that my members are seeing the image below. That - is what I think I need help with or may be causing some of the issues. Thoughts?