Fixed Facebook External Accounts wrong Profile ID

I have a problem with the Facebook integration. It works, but in the profile external-accounts the link to facebook profile.php?id= shows the wrong ID.
I could solve it.

This is the link shown in external-accounts to my facebook profile: It is the wrong link.

Now i changed in "account_external_accounts":
Now i see this link in my profile:
The link redirects to:

This works fine. But it seems like a bug?


XenForo developer
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Yeah, it likely is because of the app scoped ID change. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if we know if we have a scoped ID (grandfathered applications), so this will need more investigation.

Daniel Hood

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1. App-scoped User IDs
Facebook will begin to issue app-scoped user IDs when people first log into an instance of your app coded against v2.0 of the API. With app-scoped IDs, the ID for the same user will be different between apps.

No matter what version they originally used to sign up for your app, the ID will remain the same for people who have already logged into your app. This change is backwards-compatible for anyone who has logged into your app at any point in the past.
Should be fine to use the /app_scoped_user_id method with grandfathered applications.

I just tested by going to the external accounts page (which says uknown account by the way) and changing the link to be /app_scoped_user_id/{my-id} and it didn't work. So, I don't know.