XF 1.5 External MySQL


I'm trying to connect my installation to an external MySQL database which is using SSL.

Connecting to the database from my local machine or the VPS running Xenforo when the database server is setup to accept SSL connections only works, however when using the same credentials in the Xenforo config file I'm presented with a "databased error" when reloading through web browser, I guess I'm missing something from the Xenforo config file to enable an SSL connection?


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If the two MySQL servers are at the same hosting provider, maybe ask the host for the Internet IP addresses to connect to. This way you can use the 192.x for the vps and the mysql to talk to each other. Some hosts dont' charge or count for the internal traffic either.
I didn't have two MySQL servers, I just had a webserver and a database server running on two different VPS's. I was using my providers private network for the connection but that doesn't necessarily stop other customers from snooping, I was just experimenting. I'm happy to run both a webserver and database on the same machine.