Implemented Extend Test Permissions for User Groups


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At the moment permissions can be tested once you select a user, but if you want to check two or more user groups it might be a bit handy to be able to test those user groups without using an existing user.

I'm aware you can create a test user account and do it that way, but if you're trying to manage multiple user groups (say, for various subscriptions or quickly testing add-on permissions) it's a tad lengthy to switch from the ACP to the testing view, back to the ACP, change user group, and go back to test view.

A step further would be to jump to the testing view and be able to switch from one user group to the other from there instead of going back to the Test Permissions page in the ACP and selecting a new group to test with.


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Does the new permissions analysis function in the ACP cover this @Onimua ?

Although the implementation is completely different, it does at least make the flow a lot smoother (and less confusing) when it comes to checking permissions.


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Two things first:
  1. How did you remember this thread and I didn't? :ROFLMAO:
  2. I didn't get an alert for you tagging me... is it because I'm watching this thread already from when I posted?
Otherwise, yes I think the new system for permission viewing completes this suggestion. (y) It removes the guesswork of clicking around for sure when trying to find what's missing due to permissions.