Lack of interest Extend Custom User Fields to Custom Fields


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I suggest to extend with Custom User Fields for their work in posts and threads. Accordingly, to rename them as Custom Fields.

For this purpose it is necessary:
1. To use one weeding for storage more than one unit of the information. There are two variants:
1a. To add possibility to add them dynamically. By analogy to addition of words in the autocensor.
1b. To add type - the added list (the table of one column).
2. To add use of output agents for addition, editing and displays.
3. To extend with variants of display of this field taking into account the conclusion in themes and posts, and also in the list of threads.
4. To add possibility of inclusion of the data from this field in search.
5. To add possibility to set up the right to the separate field on use and display.
6. ?

That it will give:
1. Will ensure functioning of Tags System needlessly to create it separately.
2. To developers of additions will allow to extend essentially with potential of use XenForo as platforms. As the example, it will be possible even to organise shop.
3. Quite probably, it can be united and with system of polls. In that case it will be possible to provide possibility of users to add/change/delete the data from custom fields which will be present at the thread.
4. ?