XF 2.0 Exposing of pikaday timepicker


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Well this ain't really a discussion but more a question to the developers.

Is there any particular reason why you didn't expose the showTime option of your pikaday version ?
This may not be useful for xF different uses of the tag but it may be for add-on developers.

I could of course make a new handler to override that but I feel this is something that could be coming in the core.


Chris D

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We just wanted to make the underlying library code available for it. The changes for it might be larger than you'd be expecting, so might not be appropriate as a simple handler extension, it would likely need its own handler.

As well as getting it to parse the selected time into a reasonable string, the input filterer itself doesn't support filtering a date string to a specific time so you would need your own code to create a DateTime object set at a specific time.

If you're going to have to do all of that anyway, then you'd might as well just use an input group and have two fields:

The code to produce that is similar to:
<xf:formrow label="Label" rowtype="input">
    <div class="inputGroup">
        <xf:dateinput name="start_date" value="{{ date($xf.time, 'Y-m-d') }}"    />
        <span class="inputGroup-splitter"></span>
        <xf:textbox type="time" name="start_time" value="08:30" />
That uses Pikaday with a standard HTML5 time input.

Any request for change in the core would be best posted as a Suggestion (though check if one exists, already).