XF 1.3 EXIF Rotation, ACP Searching, Proxying and Change Logging

Here are a handful of new 1.3 features neatly packaged up into a single video for your viewing entertainment...

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Update, Jan 15 - Case Sensitivity 101

There have been various questions about what case sensitive searching means in the video...

In a nutshell, without case sensitivity, searching for 'Foo' would return all results containing any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters spelling 'foo', such as 'foo', 'fOo', 'foO' and 'Foo'.

However, with case sensitivity enabled, searching for 'Foo' would only return results that contain exactly 'Foo', while other combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters would be ignored.
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Gonna listen on my headphones rather than working. Kier is never camera shy haha.

But i'm glad the EXIF rotation is finally implemented. No longer I'll have weird thumbnails from my iphone.

Template searching is awesome too since I missed this from VB.

I'd like the see the image function expanded to automatically host the image locally though. As much as I love the proxy idea, my fear is that after X time the imagine linked is either removed or changed. I recall 1 time when someone linked to some cool wallpapers and about a month later, the image changed on the remote server and I ended up with gay porn. You of course also don't want a popular thread to be filled with a lot of red X's going no where.

Both issues would be resolve nicely if there was an option to decide if you wanted images to be fetched and served locally. Of course I would also add in the flexibility of denying someone the right to hotlink images all together.

And I would also add the option to denying someone from adding a link to a photo.

In the above example, the image is hot linked, but also is a clickable link. This has become clever way for people to forum spam sites.

But I am very much excited about 1.3 and look forward to seeing this released.
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The image proxy is great, but can't see any usecase for the link proxy (the name should be probably changed to hide exact referrer script:D because that's the only thing:D it's doing:p)
counting the outgoing links is NICE to have, BUT since i don't see WHERE the link was posted (e.g. kiers userprofile, or the link to the post) it's not that powerful like the feature from google analytics, piwik & co

userchange history => LOVELY
Image Proxy => LOVELY (will images be deleted if i delete the content? i can see here some legal problems if i delete an post and the image is still physicaly on my server for the next X days)
Very nice additions. Really glad to see the image orientation check - makes uploading directly from a phone much more usable.
Indefinitely ?

Because I noticed that you needed to specify a time when it would expire and need to be called upon again (believe in the video you had it setup for 7 days).
Shared Hosting user's is not happy with that idea :)
Their disk space will be full :)
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