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Examples of xenforo/wordpress intergration

Discussion in 'General XenForo Discussion and Feedback' started by helpmeout, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. helpmeout

    helpmeout New Member

    As the title says, I am looking to see some examples of xenforo and wordpress integrated together.
  2. drastic

    drastic Well-Known Member

    i use extra portal so that my homepage mimics a blog. extra portal let me get rid of wordpress. that might be a good solution for you.
  3. LPH

    LPH Well-Known Member

    What are you looking for? There are ways to have XF users authorized in WP, ways to copy WP posts and pages, ways to copy the looks of WP in XF and vice versa.

    There are so many options that you might look through the different bridges to get a feel for the possibilities.

  4. helpmeout

    helpmeout New Member

    I'm more or less looking for examples of websites running xenforo that have a 'magazine' look to it.
    I'm currently an ipb user, while I can achieve the look I want using their IP.Content system it is way too clunky for my liking.
  5. hqarrse

    hqarrse Active Member

    We use WP and Xenforo, although the Wordpress front page is very 'beta' as we're trying to switch to one of the Xenforo portals. We will still use WP for reviews, miscellaneous articles and advertorials.

    To get recent posts on to the front of WP I made an extension to XF's RSS system to get more information in to it, then a plugin for wordpress to give a short code to display posts from the feed.

    We use XenWord for user integration which works well except for privileged users (WP editors and authors need to be set up manually). It does allow comments and articles to be auto-posted in to XF.

    The XF-a-like menu we have in Wordpress is based on one from a WP theme, but restyled to look like XF. The remaining mismatch and lack of notifications is a motivation for using an XF based front page, rather than a WP one.

    A remaining issue was combined XF / WP search which we did by using Google Site Search as the frontline search tool for both sites. An 'advanced forum search' link then takes you to the normal XF search.

    The integration is a slightly uneasy one, and our reviewers (ie CMS users) were a bit put out by the move, having been used to the VB4 system with the "publish as article" function that allowed them to write things in the forum area, rather than deal with WP. Their complaints led us to use email-to-article in Wordpress so they now send their work by email, rather than doing it via the forums.

    Any use?
  6. LPH

    LPH Well-Known Member

    Actually, the newer versions of XenWord do not work this way any longer :)

    It is possible to set up secondary usergroups called WordPress administrator, editor, contributor, etc. These are mapped in the XenWord Settings Panel. I still recommend manually verifying everything in the database.
  7. hqarrse

    hqarrse Active Member

    @LPH. Thanks - I'll look again. I did deal with this issue quite recently. It worked for users already in the WP database, but I still had to manually add new privileged XF users to the WP database then set the appropriate group.
  8. Claudio

    Claudio Well-Known Member

    Recently we've migrated the following boards to XenForo and integrated them with Wordpress using the same header and footer:

    In case of Sakocollectors.com we've customized the Wordpress theme as well as the default XenForo style.
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  9. tekboi

    tekboi Active Member

    How did you go about integrating the header and footer into xF?
  10. Claudio

    Claudio Well-Known Member

    A live integration can be done but it's much difficult than just copy the WP header/footer to XF. However I suggest the second because it will avoid style issues.
  11. Dead Tomorrow

    Dead Tomorrow Member

    This is incredibly helpful and your site is brilliant!

    I can see you've now moved to a Xenforo homepage.. How did you do that? Is a Xenforo homepage something that can exist out of the box? I have my site (a new gardening site) currently set up with a Wordpress homepage but I don't think this is going to work for the reasons you mention (lack of user menu / different designs etc).

    As I want my site to be mainly a forum with a picture led homepage, what you have seems to be very good to what I'm aiming for.
  12. hqarrse

    hqarrse Active Member

    @Dead Tomorrow , we now use Brogan's Featured Threads, with widget framework. Adding some template hooks to the featured threads template means that you can insert widgets above and below the threads themselves, as well as having the sidebar. On another site we are trying showcase for the reviews section, which may in time replace Wordpress as our reviews platform ('platform' - did I actually just type that? I'll be scattering 'enterprise' and 'framework' through my posts next!).
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