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Hi All,

My issue didn't quite feel like a pre-sale question and I didn't want to jump in on the showcase thread so please move or direct me elsewhere if needed.

I'm considering XenForo which would be integrating into a Wordpress driven site. Single Sign On and a seamless experience are most important with forum product depth coming second. First and foremost could someone point me towards good examples of sites that are using both WordPress and XenForo and ideally SSO.

Is the only option at this time to bridge the two to use XenScripts? Any feedback from users on what the bridge does well and what it doesn't?

I believe the bridge will allow you to replace the user profile and comments system with XenForo's database, but I was wondering if it's possible to use XenForo for profiles and retain the WordPress comments system?

Has anyone introduced LiveFyre comments in the mix between the two?

For Single Sign On, can Wordpress handle the authentication and pass that to XenForo or must XenForo take over via the bridge?

Are there significant/noticeable performance issues mixing the two?

Multi-domain - Do any of you know if XenForo or any other Forum product will allow you to maintain separate forum databases with shared user credentials for different websites and then present a Network style view where you integrate the various forums as a sub forum of a primary domain/forum. (hope that makes sense)

Any other interesting or eye catching integrations that you've seen that would be good examples to reference?

We are trying to choose between simple:press, phpbb3, mybb and vanilla forum. The goal being to offer the most seamless integration of a Forum into WP while maintaining Single Sign On.

One thing is for sure, XenForo is a great looking product and I really like what I've seen from it's community and support staff especially given all that is taking place within the company.
Single Domain
Single domain integration between WP and XF is fairly easy; XenForo user database is used and XenScripts provides the integration of comments.

Example: http://www.crazyengineers.com/

Multiple Domains (different WP, same XF)
Multiple domain integration between WP and XF is a little more challenging; SSO is not available between domains because of the use of cookie authentication.

Multiple Domains (different XF)
Sorry, I do not know of any examples but there is a SSO for XF available in the resources.

Yes, I tried it. It's possible to also use Disqus. However, the comments will be separate from the forums. Using XenScripts combines the comments but will not work with LiveFyre or Disqus.

I'm a fan of this script. Hopefully Jamie will keep developing the script and enhance the quoting of WP articles within XF. It would be nice to also promote from XF to WP - which would require a different add-on.
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