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Do you think XF is missing essential bigger features?

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New member
I see a lot of cool, great, nice, fun 'Bigger features', but I want this thread to be dedicated to the 'essential' bigger features.

Essential as in: which bigger features is XF currently missing, which one would expect before switching/upgrading/considering XF.


New member
What I'm missing right now:

XF Portal: Nothing too fancy and I expect this to be build very soon by the community. Very trivial and very easy to design/develop: a basic portal with 'Who's online', 'Latest posts', ‘Latest poll’. That’s it!


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Please suggest each feature in a separate thread, since the developers like to see how much likes each gets to decide if a feature will be considered for a next release. It's also easier for them to see the name of the suggested feature in the thread title. Thanks :)


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not really just small feature such as community groups and photo albums

before i forget a RTL style