As designed Errors when you update a file resource


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If you don't fill the field with the version of the file during publishing update the resource will not be updated by new file.
Old file will remain in resource, although user gets notification about successfully resource update and there are no notification about empty version field (!) .
Besides, in that case the list of changelog is updating, although resource still contains an old file. You see new changelog and think that you download updated file, but really it is the old one.
In previous version of forum engine, if you forgot to fill in this field, it did not give to publish resource (that corresponds precisely to the description of fields), and now the resource is published in full confidence that has posted a new version of the utility, but in fact turns out to be just forgot to fill a field or incorrectly filled it. Current behavior in comparison with the old is very inconvenient.
To the best of my recollection, the behaviour of the resource update process and the version string hasn't changed.
This new behavior came about before 14/12/2015 (before v1.2). Can you check it on your test environment?
Anyway, it is an obvious bug. Because when you upload file, resource is not update. You don't have to remember whether you fill the field with the version. If this field is important for the engine, this engine must warn the user that not all fields are filled. I am sure that such checking with lock is easy to add.
The behaviour definitely didn't change in 1.2.

It's not a bug because the system explains clearly what will happen if a version is not entered:
If you do not enter this, a new version will not be posted.
This allows you to release an update without creating a new version.

A change in behaviour isn't planned at this time, but you may feel free to post it in the Suggestions forum to be considered in the future.
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